We're looking for an enthusiastic Community Specialist at Co-labs
Co-labs is a shared office space and incubator uniquely designed for creatives from rising entrepreneurs, freelancers, digital nomads to professionals. Our purpose is to create an environment that allows members to focus on what is important to them - getting their work done and meeting interesting people! More than a turn-key office, Co-labs is in the business of supporting great ideas through an Incubator program which offers training, professional advice, and investor networking sessions. To complete the community, we are looking for the right person to help us make Co-labs the best space to work from!
We would love to have you in our team if you are energetic, adaptable, responsible and comfortable around new people.

The ideal candidate will be passionate about entrepreneurship, start-ups and small businesses locally and globally. He/She should understand the concept and values that make up a co-working space and incubator.

The Community Specialist will act as the key execution player in helping to create a friendly and open culture while supporting members as they grow their businesses. Additionally, this role will handle day-to-day operations of the space, field requests from vendors and partners, assist in event management internally or externally, and help to maintain the overall happiness of the community.

This is a very entrepreneurial position with potential to grow into a greater role as Co-labs expands. The right candidate will be involved in many aspects of the company and join Co-labs as a key member of the team.
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